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Destiny Limousine LTD announces competitive Vancouver Wedding Limo Packages01 Jan 2001

Destiny Limousine LTD, a trusted name in Vancouver limo transportation is pleased to announce competitive wedding packages not just for customers in Vancouver but also for residents of Surrey, White Rock, Langley, Delta, Richmond, Burnaby, Coquitlam.

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Destiny Limousine announces Flat rate Vancouver Airport Limousine Service from Surrey BC05 Mar 2014

Destiny Limousine, a trusted name in Vancouver Limo service, is pleased to announce flat rate Vancouver airport limo service from Surrey BC, Langley, Maple Ridge, White Rock and Abbotsford.

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Surrey, B.C., says it will replace all copper wire connecting its streetlights in order to curtail an epidemic of metal theft.28 Feb 2014

Now the city is planning to spend $9 million on replacing all copper wire in its streetlights with a compound alloy that is 90 per cent less valuable.

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Surrey, B.C., is cracking down on illegal secondary suites by actively pursuing owners advertising online.14 Feb 2014

"What they are doing is also looking through ads in local papers, classifieds and Craigslist to see people who are advertising their suites and cross-referencing them with our database," said Rasode.

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B.C. New Democrats proposed a new accord & accompanying five-point plan to tackle crime, homelessness and addiction issues in Surrey.18 Jan 2014

That five-point plan would focus on increased policing, the creation of a community court, the regulation of recovery homes, a mental-health action plan and investing in non-profit and supportive housing.

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Police in Surrey, B.C., continue to hunt for the person behind an unprovoked fatal assault on a mother waiting outside a hockey arena04 Jan 2014

Investigators established a command post outside of the Newton Arena, where 53-year-old Julie Paskall was attacked while waiting to pick up her son from hockey, Sunday night. Paskall passed away in hospital on Tuesday after being removed from life support

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